Diving in Deep

I have a confession.  So far on our journey, we have not paid any money to learn how to get out of debt.  Not a cent.

Danny-J’s #FindTheMoneyProject (where it all began!) … FREE

I listened to a copy of Dave Ramsey‘s, The Total Money Makeover, for FREE (there’s an audiobook copy on YouTube)  and of course Dave’s radio show, The Dave Ramsey Show, is broadcast everywhere for FREE … we listen to it on YouTube & via Podcasts (and both apps also free!)

Jordan Page The Fun Cheap or Free Queen, has awesome FREE tips on her YouTube channel & her blog that we put into action.

And we got a copy of Scott Pape‘s book, The Barefoot Investor, for FREE on Google Play by using Play credits from the Goggle Rewards survey app.

So, as you can see, there has been a bit of a pattern here.  A cheapskate pattern.

Today that changed.

Today we invested cold hard cash into our debt free journey.

$715 of it.

And we are going to invest more as the year progresses.

Right now I’m feeling;  Pumped.  Scared.  Exhilarated.  Nervous. A little dizzy …

And to add to that, I deferred my university studies (I’m part way through a BA in Archaeology) for ONE YEAR to focus on our financial freedom.

Leading up to these decisions I had been completely ‘stuck’.  Like my feet were in cement.  Like I was weighed down by everything.

Do you ever feel stuck and unable to move in any direction?  Well, that was me this month, and it was getting worse as the days went on.   I couldn’t move forward.  I was not pumped about my new units starting up on Monday (as in tomorrow!), and I should have been because it was on zooachaeology (animal bones in the archaeological record) which is my primary field of interest!  But I also felt guilty about quitting and moving on to something else (and on to what I didn’t know).

To add to that, I haven’t felt 100% committed to #FindTheMoneyProject this round either.  I haven’t listed anything for sale (even though we need to because we are downsizing!) and I haven’t picked up another side-gig (because I didn’t know if I would have time when uni started up again).  Yet, we still found more money this time than we did last February and I’m finding myself spending all my spare time learning about personal finance.

* I mean, I go to sleep listening to The Dave Ramsey Show podcast, for crying out loud!  I know, I have some issues, but I find Dave’s ranting surprisingly soothing!  

Today we had the opportunity to purchase Early Bird pricing on a financial training course I had been eyeing off for a while.  There were two packages available, and my husband and I decided to Go Big or Go Home.

After procrastinating for about an hour & the deadlines fast approaching (you know, uni starting back tomorrow AND the early bird pricing ending tomorrow) we did it.  We went ALL IN.

A year off uni to really invest in our financial journey.

And I feel  … Lighter.  Focused.  Energized.  Purposeful.

I feel



Ironic really.






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