Grocery Haul ~ Feb 2017

If you’ve been following along on our Instagram page @weridlifeofus you’ll know we are almost at the end of Danny-J’s February 2017 #FindTheMoneyProject.

Our normal meal planning & shopping days are a little out of wack as we were challenged to not go grocery shopping until everything (and I mean EVERYTHING!) had been used up from our pantries, cupboards, fridges and freezers.

Considering we have been doing a lot of pantry challenges over the past 12 months and had recently participated in Jordan Page’s #FCFSpendingFreeze in January, I was surprised we almost made it an entire week without heading out to the shops.

We were starting to really scratch the bottom of the barrel yesterday (Friday) so it was time to hit the shops and buy some food!


As heaps of you folks have been interested in how we get our grocery bill down so low, I thought I would try something different and make a few short videos to show you the ins and outs of our grocery budget.

Here’s a quick look at this week grocery shop. I’ll post an accompanying meal prep video over the next few days.

Our budget is $100 per person per month for food plus $100 per month for household items (toiletries, cleaning products etc) & buying marked down specials etc ~ so our family of 5 has $600 per month budgeted.

The total for this shop was $140.30

Click HERE to head over to our new YouTube channel to watch!





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