#FindTheMoneyProject Take 2

Ours is a story of Februarys.

February 2015 ~  The beginning of our debt free journey.  The point in time we realized the ship was sinking.  We were $72,938.60 in debt and had no idea where our money was going.

February 2016 ~ After clinging to our sinking ship for 12 months, and trying desperately to regain control (and hold onto our old way of life) the time finally came when the ship broke in two.  Financially we had hit rock bottom.  Our income was substantially  reduced (again) and the “B” word (bankruptcy) was officially dropped as a solution to our situation.  We were $50, 418.74 in debt and didn’t have enough money to put food on the table each week.

February 2017 ~  Debt Free & with money in the bank!  No, we didn’t win lottery, or receive an inheritance.  We didn’t change careers & double our income ~ in fact, my husband was medically retired (at the age of 36) during this time, due to an ongoing condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

As unbelievable as it sounds (and trust me, I know how far fetched it seems!) we paid off $50k in 10 months.

So, what changed?

We joined Danny-J’s #FindTheMoneyProject

*     *     *

12 months on and we are here again!  #FindTheMoneyProject Take 2!

My goal for the 14 day challenge was to “find” $500.  After all, how much money could we possible have left to find?  (This was to be in addition to any regular Snowball saving into our Emergency Fund.)

So far I have completed up to Day 4 and we have “found”:

$326 in rebates and refunds

$320 in unused dining vouchers

$125 in pantry challenge

$50 in bathroom product concoctions (instead of buying more products which were on my shopping list, I made stuff from things I already had – for example, I filled up a 1 liter Shower Gel bottle with half used bottles of body washes; I filled the hand soap containers up with bubble bath & a little peppermint foot lotion; I topped up my face lotion with a different face cream and a little sunscreen; I made a 2-1 Shampoo for my daughter by mixing leftover Baby Shampoo with a Leave In Conditioning Spray I didn’t like because it left my hair too heavy; and so on)

That’s $821 in 4 days.

And we haven’t even got to the good stuff yet, like Selling Your Stuff or Getting a Side Gig.

*     *     *

I think the main thing I am taking away from #FindTheMoneyProject Take 2, is that there is still so much room for us to improve our financial situation.

We still have things to learn and areas where we can improve our maximization.

We still have things to sell and spending to cut back on.

We can still find better deals and make few extra bucks.

We can still improve the system.

I’m so excited to see how far we can go this round of #FindTheMoneyProject.

Last year we netted $550 during #FTMP16, this year I want to triple that!




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