Monday Meal Plan ~ Feb 6th 2016


On Mondays we Meal Plan!


This week on the menu:

Breakfasts ~ weetbix or oats for the kids.  Smoothies for hubby and I.

Snacks ~ Bananas.  Baby cucumbers, carrot slices & cheese.

Lunches ~ Ham & Salad sandwiches.  Pancakes.  Leftovers.



Monday Chicken and Warm Kale Salad

Tuesday  ~ Sweet Potato & Lentil Soup (make extra for the freezer)

Wednesday  ~ Chicken, Mashed Sweet Potato and Greens (zucchini)

Thursday  ~ Bangers & Mash  (sausages, mashed sweet potato & zucchini)

Friday  ~ Family Fun Night!  Who knows !?!

Saturday  ~ Leftover Sweet Potato & Lentil Soup

Sunday  ~ Use-It-Up Omelette


Why meal plan?

Meal planning saves us a tonne of money (because we only buy what we need, we “shop the pantry first” and we aim for no waste)

Meal planning saves my sanity (you know … the dreaded “What’s for dinner” question)

Meal planning frees up my time.  I know what I need to do each day & I often plan at least 1 bulk meal so we can have leftovers in the freezer.  Sometimes, I will even cook ahead of time, particularly if I know I have a busy week ahead.  It’s easier to avoid the Drive-Thru if you know you have dinner ready at home!

What’s on the menu at your house?



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