FCF Spending Freeze ~ Recap!


weirdlifeofus #FCFSpendingFreeze How much did you save?

Our pantry challenge saved us $125 this week! If we do this once a month, we will net $1,500 by the end of the year! 💰 Enough for a nice little holiday as a reward for eating all the food we had already purchased! 😂 Sounds silly, but it’s also so true!

Jordan’s Spending Freeze was a huge success!  It’s a fantastic way to focus in on your spending habits and pay attention to the little things!

Even the kids were not allowed to spend any of their own money for the past week (obviously this wasn’t counted in our tally!)

Unfortunately one of our kids ended up with tonsillitis, so there was a trip out to the shops to get supplies (Panadol and ice blocks mainly!)  Luckily it was viral and clear up on it’s own, but if this sort of stuff happens, you do what you need to do.

It is definitely easier to freeze your spending by avoiding the shops.  I can’t tell you how hard it was not to look for bargains and mark downs, and make a straight line for the ice block section!  Temptation was everywhere! 

But we survived and we didn’t starve!

Also Google is amazing for substituting ingredients.  Yay for Google!

We will definitely be doing this again, and I really hope that you join us next time!  It’s so much more fun with friends.




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