2017 Goals


When hubby and I set out on our New Financial Journey in February 2015, we just wanted to pay our bills on time!  We had no real plans to get out of debt any quicker than what our minimum repayment amounts would let us.  We wanted to get out of debt, but we honestly believed that we couldn’t do it any quicker than what we were (which was snails pace!)

We honestly thought things couldn’t get any worse than what they already were.  But in February 2016, the bomb was dropped on us.  The universe gave us a choice.  A test really ~ Bankruptcy or #FindTheMoneyProject.

You guys know the story (and if you don’t you can read about it HERE)

We set our goal of being DEBT FREE by December 2017

… well, that kind of didn’t quite go as planned …

We paid off our debt, a massive $50k, in 10 months!  A whole year earlier than expected!

So what are we going to do with 2017?!

Hubby and I decided to go out for a coffee date, sit down and jot down some ideas of what we wanted to achieve in the near future.

Our list looked something like this:

3 month Emergency Fund  ~ $9k

6 month Emergency Fund ~ $20k

An overseas holiday (Fiji?) ~ $5k – $10k

Upgrade the i30 to a 4wd ~ $15k plus trade in value?

Caravan ~ $35k upwards

  *     *     *

We also wanted to balance our new found ‘debt free lifestyle’ with our need to ‘experience life’.

We decided that setting targets each month gave us focus and allowed us to achieve amazing things, and we wanted to expand that from just financial goals into all kinds of different goals for our lives.

I want to read 1 personal development book each month, watch less TV and wake up earlier in the mornings.

We want to do some kind of family experience each month (like camping or hiking, visiting a museum or participating in an event)

We both want to exercise more and take more time for our health.

We both wanted to look back on 2017 as our best year yet!

  *     *     *

We’re still fine tuning our 2017 Goals, but we have decided first and foremost is to get 3 months of expenses into our ING Savings Maximizer Account.

After that we will reward ourselves with a little family trip to Canberra to see “The History of the world in 100 Objects from the British Museum”.

The car will probably be next, then increasing the Emergency Fund to a full 6 months.

We are hoping to take the family on an overseas holiday (most likely to Fiji) by the end of the year!

  *     *     *

What are your goals for 2017?



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