December 2016 Snowball Update


Our December totals are in!

Starting debt:   – $7,515.99

Finishing:         +$6,580.09 in savings!!

Total paid off:   $7,515.99  +  Savings!!

If you missed our huge announcement on December 3rd WE’RE DEBT FREE!!

And I know you’re adding 7515.99 and 6580.09 together and going What The Fruit Tingle!

No it wasn’t a magic $14k month!  Let me break this down for you.

We always had $1,000 in the bank as our Baby Emergency Fund.

Plus we had 3 weeks rent ($1,200) in the event we had to give notice and move suddenly.

Then we sold our second car (which knocked out the last of our debt) and all we had to do was save, save, save!  Oh it was also one of those magical 3x fortnightly /bi weekly pay months.

So, Bam!  Debt free and with money in the bank!

It’s amazing what you can do with NO PAYMENTS!



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