November 2016 Debt Snowball Update


Our November totals are in!

Starting debt:    $17,926.46

Finishing:         $7,515.99

Total paid off:   $10,410.47

Umm, yes you read that right!

We have $7,515 of debt left to go!  We never, ever, EVER expected to be here heading into Dec ’16.  Our goal for November was to be under $15k…  I’m still giddy looking at our bank summary!

Yes, we were incredibly lucky to receive money that was back owed to us plus a pay out of hubby’s entitlements.  But, we also decided to put it all on our debt snowball.  We sold heaps of stuff from around the house – from big ticket items to $5 bric-a-brac.  It all adds up!

I don’t expect that we will ever see another month quite as exciting as Nov ’16 but it sure was a fun ride!

Now … time to set some goals for Dec and Jan, and get this debt gone for good!


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