Chicken, Sweet Potato & Greens

Today's budget healthy lunch: Roasted Chicken & Capsicum with sweet potato & green beans. Our local green grocer had chicken breast for $3.99 per kilo (which is silly cheap in Australia), sweet potato for $0.98 /kilo & red caps at $1.98/ kilo. Throw in some frozen green beans from Aldi & our family of 5 … Continue reading Chicken, Sweet Potato & Greens


October 2016 Debt Snowball Update

Our October totals are in! Starting debt:    $19,189.52 Finishing:         $17,926.46 Total paid off:   $1,263.06 October was the first hard month we have had in a while.  Unfortunately, I had to drop my Dave Job and I'm not sure if / when I will pick it back up again.  Time will tell!