We Own Our Cars!

Oh My Goodness!

I have never been so nervous doing a direct deposit!  The numbers were checked, and checked again.  Then hubby had a look.  And then our boys! Everyone agreed the numbers matched up and everything was A Okay.  I hit send.

My stomach was a whirl.  Excited.  Nervous.  Overwhelmed.  Scared.


Gone.  Bye-bye.  See ya later.

But these bad boys are now officially ours!

No more lease payments!

We are driving around in PAID FOR cars!

*    *    *

When we first financed these cars, our plan was to trade-in every 5 years.  How things have changed!  Our new plan is to keep driving these cars while we save for our next car.  No car payments puts a whole lotta dollars back into the Snowball and our plan is to be Debt Free by the end of 2017!


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