I LOVE Danny-J.

She is funny, smart, pulls no punches and tells it like it is.  And she says sh!t … a lot.  She’s my kinda girl.

In February 2016, Danny ran her amazing #FindTheMoneyProject  Simple steps to start finding extra money in your budget and was the push we needed to really make a difference in our dream of being debt free.

Funny thing is, Danny doesn’t have some magic secret up her sleeve.  All her tips are no nonsense, common sense tips that absolutely anyone can apply.  In the 14 days that the challenge ran, we netted $550 bucks!  The following month (March 2016) we snowballed $3364.46 & paid for my residential school coming up in April ($1,100)!   WHAAAT!!?

Honestly, this girl tells it from the heart and makes it hit home.  

Our best tips from Danny ~

1) Pantry Challenges.  We saved SO MUCH MONEY just by eating the food we already had. *Duh*

Don’t go shopping until your fridge and cupboards are bare.

2) Sell your sh!t.  Need an injection of quick cash?  Trust me, you have crap you can sell.  Facebook Buy Swap Sell groups are hot-to-trot right now! Get in an make some money.

3) Give.  Yep, give.  Give your time, give some of your stuff, give a portion of your money.  When you give, you realize just how lucky you are.  Your budget might be tight, but I guarantee someone is doing it tougher than you.  Make a difference in their lives, as well as your own.

Did I mention the whole thing is FREE!! Yes, free.  It won’t cost you a single cent to start Finding The Money and kicking butt.  Winning!

Head over to Danny’s Find The Money page to get more golden tips and sign up for the next challenge.  Don’t forget to connect with her on Facebook and Instagram


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